Sunday, Jan 21 – 6:30pm

First things First
By Stephen Farr
A story of going from homeless in a bus stop to finding a new life and victory over addiction.

Monday, Jan 22 – 6:30pm

Steps to Recovery
By Bob Ratcliff
Discovering the tools to a new life free from addiction.

Jay Cameron

Tuesday, Jan 23 – 6:30pm

The Addict’s Hope: A Stone For a Pillow
By Jay Cameron
Any one who has tried to overcome and failed knows what a frail thing human resolve is. A study on the foundation of all successful overcoming.

Wednesday, Jan 24 – 6:30pm

By Janice McKenzie
How to overcome through lifestyle.

Thursday, Jan 25 – 6:30pm

The Digital Divide
By Rob Knott
How electronic devices are hijacking our time and attention.

Friday, Jan 26 – 6:30pm

Fork in the Road
By Steve Wohlberg
Steve shares the difference between what he WAS and IS today.

Saturday, Jan 27 – 8:25am

Faith over Fear
By Rob Knott
How trusting in God can transform your life.

Saturday, Jan 27 – 9:30am

Fix Your Thoughts, Fix Your Life
By Lana Ash
Four keys to fixing mind blocks and finding freedom from hurtful habits.

Saturday, Jan 27 – 10:45am

Escape for your Life!
By Steve Wohlberg
Unhealthy addictions can destroy us. But supernatural help is available for us all.

Saturday, Jan 27 – 2:00pm

Out of the House of Bondage
By Steve Wohlberg
Discover eye-opening insights about God’s Law of Freedom.

Saturday, Jan 27 – 3:15pm

You Shall Receive Power
By Steve Wohlberg
The invisible Holy Spirit can set us free from whatever is dragging us down. He offers power, love, joy, and peace.

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Saturday, Jan 27 – 4:30pm

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