Much more than a seminar, this one-of-a-kind experience is packed with:

  • Stories of people set free and now experiencing life to the full.
  • Powerful, life-changing principles to experience freedom of the abundant life.
  • A caring support network of friends, to journey with you on your way to freedom.
  • Practical tips to apply to moments of temptation.
  • Real-life examples on how to overcome that frustrating habit.
  • Opportunity to join a small group to journey with you to freedom.
  • How to truly be a new you!

  • Do you feel trapped in habits that steal your real joy?
  • Do you keep trying and failing?
  • Do you wonder if God can really help you?
  • Do you feel rejected?
  • Do you feel like escaping to your bad habit just to cope with life?
  • Do you feel resentful, anxious, and exhausted?
  • Are you afraid of loosing valued relationships due to your chains?
  • Have you stopped trying?
  • Is it “just a little thing” that you know would be amazing to stop?
  • I know my habit is holding me back from something much better.

Get the proven tips for people who want to stop feeling like a failure and trapped, and start feeling progress, success, and freedom–even when your life or habit seems hopeless.